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Services: Site Assessment

We gain a fundamental knowledge of the land before making changes to it which empowers us to make sound decisions and designs for the future. Our services are both holistic and customized to meet the specific goals of the project and ecological needs of the site.

Site Assessment
This is our foundational service in which we study a site prior to changing it. We provide a wildlife species survey, identify habitat types on or near the land, and examine how wildlife are currently using the land and surrounding areas. We look at the wider region to place the site within the context of a larger system. By researching the local area and its natural history, we plan for wildlife that could be attracted to the site. We identify wildlife food and water sources, shelter and cover, habitat features, and travel routes. We also address challenges to wildlife such as narrowing habitat range, roads, development, and potential for human conflict. The client receives a final report of findings and recommendations.

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